Chocolate Balanced Meal Shake

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  • Wildtree Shakes are plant based complete balanced shakes for a nutritional any time meal. Safe for the whole family, Wildtree Shakes feature organic fermented whole foods, five unique plant proteins, five organic supergrains, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and 23 fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs. These shakes are a high-protein, low-fat, and low glycemic way to supplement or replace a meal.
    - 22 Vitamins & Minerals with Organic Fermented Whole Foods
    - Multi-source Plant Protein Matrix which provides complete protein
    - Multi-source Low-Glycemic Energy Matrix which is made from slow-release, super-grain complex carbs
    - Multi-source Fiber/Antioxidant Matrix which receives its potent antioxidant benefits from 23 fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs.
    - Multi-source Plant EFA Matrix which features four of nature's richest sources of essential fatty Acids.
    - Probiotic, Prebiotic & Digestive Enzyme Matrix -Vegan, No dairy, soy, gluten, or GMOs.

  • Pea protein powder (Pisum sativum), organic oat bran powder, organic amaranth powder (Amaranthus retroflexus)(seed), organic buckwheat powder, organic millet powder, organic quinoa powder (Chenopodium quinoa)(seed), organic chia powder, organic acacia powder (Fibergum Bio L), cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavors, inulin powder (Tequilana weber)(juice), flax powder (Linum usitatissimum)(seed), multivitamin and multimineral blend, stevia extract powder (Stevia rebaudiana)(leaf), guar gum powder (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus), natural vanilla flavor, natural caramel flavor, L-isoleucine powder, L-leucine powder, L-valine powder, berry fusion powder, acacia powder (Acacia sengal), L-glutamine powder, broccoli sprout powder, cabbage sprout powder, kale sprout powder, mustard sprout powder, watercress sprout powder, probiotic lactospores powder (Bacillus coagulans), aurora blue powder, whole food fermented blend, luo han guo powder, silica, alpha galactosidase powder, bromelain powder (Ananas comosus)(stem), altein powder, chia powder (Salvia hispanica)(seed), cranberry protein powder (Vaccinium macrocarpon)(seed), hemp protein powder, sacha inchi powder (Plukenetia volubilis), organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch