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  • The vegan-ing of more exciting mealtimes! We've bundles 4 organic vegan products with a menu that brings serious flavor & fun to 8 delicious vegan meals.

    Products Include: Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Sauce, Curry Skillet Meal Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Dill Blend

    Menu: Chana Masala, Faux Fish Sandwiches, Mushroom & Kale Tacos, Red Lentil & Vegetable Curry, Roasted Tomato Sandwiches, Spicy Thai Noodles, Sweet & Spicy Tofu, Vegan Burritos

    Downloadable step-by-step recipes and grocery lists will be available after checkout

  •  Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Sauce filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic rice vinegar, organic tapioca, organic garlic, sea salt, organic red bell pepper, organic crushed red pepper Curry Skillet Meal Seasoning organic coriander, organic cumin, sea salt, organic turmeric, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic black pepper, organic ground mustard, organic cayenne pepper, organic cloves, organic garlic, organic cinnamon Taco Seasoningorganic yellow corn flour, organic paprika, organic cumin, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, organic oregano, organic black pepper, organic cayenne pepper Dill Blend sea salt, organic dill, organic onion, organic white pepper