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What Makes Wildtree Products Different?

What Makes Wildtree Products Different?

At Wildtree, we provide high-quality products that give consumers peace of mind and elevate expectations of what food can be. So, what makes our products different than others in the industry? We break down how Wildtree supports a healthy lifestyle.  

Industry-Leading Certifications 

Our products go above and beyond theindustry standard, providing our customerswith options that are sustainably sourced, healthy, and taste delicious. But we don’t just talk thetalk; we walk the walk. We invest in third-party certifications to prove that our spice blends are really that good without compromising flavor or quality. Some of our certifications include:  

  • USDA OrganicWe abide by the USDA's Organic Regulations, and our ingredients have been produced through approved methods. 
  • Gluten-Free.Many of our products are free of ingredients with gluten, which is a mixture of proteins that naturally occur in wheat, rye, barley, and crossbreeds of these grains. 
  • GMO-Free. Wildtree products are free of ingredients grown using genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 
  • KosherOur spice blends, sauces, and other items are Certified Kosher, meaning that they have been prepared per Jewish Dietary Laws. Our spices are Certified Kosher by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann with Star-K. 
  • Safe Quality Foods (SQF). This is a rigorous farm-to-fork food safety and quality program that shows our commitment to operational excellence. 

Additionallyall of our products are produced and packaged in a 100% peanut-free facility. We even go to great lengths to ensure that our raw ingredients are nut-free so that our customers’ exploration of new flavors is safe to enjoy. 

Transparency About Ingredients 

We don’t hide behind labels. We are transparent with our ingredients, supply chain, and production efforts because going above and beyond to create high-quality products is just how we do things. You’ll know exactly what’s in each product, leaving you feeling confident about its ingredients.  

We Bring the Flavors of the World to You 

We offer a chance to explore the wonders of cooking by turning ordinary meals into global adventures through our tasty products. Enjoy the flavors of East Asia with our Asian Skillet Meal SeasoningAdd some heat to your favorite dishes with an Ethiopian Spice Blend. Or take a weeknight trip to India with our Curry Skillet Meal Seasoning. Whatever your taste buds are craving, we offer a wide variety of quality, healthy products the whole family will enjoy. 

Ready to create healthy, flavorful meals everyone will enjoy? Explore Wildtree’s spices, sauces, and meal solutions to develop delicious menus that will keep your taste buds happy. 

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